Philips SpeechAir PSP1200

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The Philips SpeechAir PSP1200 is the perfect digital assistant that every professional needs when smooth daily workflow is a major priority.

All you have to do is to record your voice from your office or any spot on the go and send it off for transcription. It provides you the freedom to interact with your clients or your office without having to worry about remote support issues. Additionally you can send your recordings to your assistant or use the Philips SpeechLive transcription service. Of course the use of speech recognition for almost instant transcription results is always active and quite handy when and where you want it.

Three step pocket digital assistant :
Step 1:  Record your voice
Step 2:  Select your transcription option
Step 3:  Recieve finished text file

Save your time for your patients

Being a health care provider is important to focus on helping your patients. The Speech Air smart voice recorder saves you time and energy, offering the privilege to dedicate your attention to save life. All  recordings can easily be allocated to the correct patient by connecting directly to your hospital information system (HIS). Most impotantanly is the high hardware quality of the shockproof gorilla glass and antimicrobial surface,  that makes the device perfectly suited for a medical environment.


3 microphones
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Antimicrobial & Gorilla Glass
Ergonomic slide switch
Docking station
Dictation app
Maximum file security
Ultimate recording quality
Gorilla glass and anti-microbial housing
Large speaker
Always stay connected
3 - 6 Days Delivery Time